Who Is Euroworx?

At Euroworx, we know that European cars are unique. They are a symbol of quality, innovation, and performance. But what if you need specialized care for these engineering marvels? Where do you go?

The inspiration behind Euroworx was the glaring gap in specialized repair and maintenance for European cars. Many vehicle owners were left frustrated by having to take their beloved automobiles to regular automotive shops, where they often faced rejection. At Euroworx, we stepped in to fill that void, offering personalized and proficient care for your prized possession.

The Euroworx Difference:
A Focus on European Brands

We specialize in handling brands like BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Volkswagens, Mini Coopers, Jaguars, and even Saabs. Our goal is to deliver top-tier service.

Understanding the Uniqueness of European Cars 

European cars are distinct, equipped with technology that sets them apart from regular vehicles like Honda, Toyota, or Chevrolet. Understanding this uniqueness requires continuous education, special training, and the constant upgrade of skills. This is what we strive for at our shop, ensuring that we are always ahead of the curve.

Why Regular Shops May Fail 

It’s not uncommon for customers to be turned down by regular automotive shops or to end up paying thousands of unnecessary dollars for repairs. This happens because typical mechanics lack the specific knowledge and tools to handle European cars. At our shop, we have invested in both training and tools to make sure your car gets the care it needs.

Advanced Technology and Special Tools:
Key to Quality Service

Specialized European cars need specialized care. We realize that and take it to heart.

The Essential Role of Special Tools 

Repairing something as simple as a valve cover replacement on a Volkswagen Jetta TDI requires special pullers for the injectors. Most regular shops don’t have this, leading to damaging of the injectors, costing the customer more money. We avoid these issues by having the right tools, showing our commitment to quality and fairness.

Investment in Equipment and Training 

At our automotive center, we’re consistently expanding our special tools cabinets and even recently purchased a $14,000 specific engine table just for these cars. Our investment in tools and continuous training reflects the lengths we’re willing to go to fix your car.

Our Team: The Backbone of Our Success ​

What makes our shop the best? Our team. Our technicians have been carefully recruited to ensure the highest quality service.

Expertise and Integrity 

With over 60 years of combined experience in both the European automotive and dealership industry, our technicians have the knowledge to address any issue that arises. Moreover, we emphasize honesty and integrity, qualities that you can’t teach but are essential in building trust.

The Value of Experience 

Experience counts, and we make sure to hire technicians with extensive dealership training and a solid background. We believe in the right education, the right experience, and the right approach to customer service.

Put Your Luxury Car in an Expert’s Hands Today

We understand your car, and we understand you. From our expert technicians to our state-of-the-art equipment, we have everything necessary to take care of your European automobile. Trust us, and you’ll see the Euroworx difference. Because when it comes to your car, only the best will do. Feel free to contact us and experience the specialized care your car deserves.

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Manufacturer trained and specialized in European automotive repair. Certified, top-techs take care of your investment.
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Don't panic when your "Check Engine Light" comes on, we are able to diagnose and repair!
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We'll pick up your vehicle and drop it off when we're done.
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We also offer same-day towing services with fair and transparent pricing.
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Electronic diagnostics for these highly advanced and complicated vehicles takes special training and experience.​ Euroworx has that.
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We offer manufacturer required tires for your specific luxury vehicle.
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The correct tires also need the correct suspension to keep the tires on the road. To have optimum performance, let Euroworx keep your suspension tight and tuned.
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European cars have complex engines with input/output sensors and timing. Having an expert with the knowledge and special tools is critical.
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Catastrophic mechanical failures will happen if you don't keep your routine maintenance up to date. Our experts know exactly what your car needs to be healthy and have maximum longevity.
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Vehicles of this caliber have special transmissions with multiple fluids, clutches and more. An unexperienced automotive technician can cause serious damage.
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