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My vehicle needed plenty of work done to it as it hadn’t been driven in a few years. I had been referred to Euroworx from my father and I would refer them to anyone I may come across. Jake did a wonderful job on the work done to the vehicle and did an amazing job getting as much done as possible within a budget. He had great communication during the entire process and never had me feeling like I was out of the loop. Amazing shop and people.

Austin Ferrel
Euroworx is great! I had a problem with my vehicle and did not think I could get it very far due to the issue with the car. I called Euroworx and they were able to take a look the next morning. I"m very appreciative as other car repair locations were booked 3-5 days out (which I totally understand). It turns out the repair was on the simple side and they were able to address the issue that next morning. I have the car back and it is operating as it is supposed to. Thank you so much guys!

Aaron S.
The team worked on my fuel system and replaced the fuel line. Had some trouble getting the part but by no fault of Euroworx. Jake was great keeping me up to date on the status and when he got the part he turned it around in less a than a day. Great customer service and communication! I’ll keep going back. JM Denzler
I'm so glad I found out about Euroworx! At Euroworx, they always fully inspect my cars and recommend service on only those items that are truly due for maintenance or repair. Jake and Dan have years of experience with German cars -- it's nice to know (and trust) the guys who are working on your cars!

Marc Smith
I'm a firm believer in German automobiles but I also understand that their electronics can be .... finicky. I have an A4 that decided to invite a gremlin to live in it. It would only act up at very sporadic moments with no noticeable thing setting it off. Very frustrating. I brought it to Euroworx and through some dillegence and time, they found it. Fixed it for a fair price too. Jake even called to make sure it was still acting right a couple weeks later. Highly recommend.

Reggie White
My second visit. All was done exceedingly well and for a price that was 30% to 40% less than any Saab dealer in the Twin Cities. Kudos to Jake, Brian and Daniel. As they say in the movies: "I'll be back."

Charlie P. Kenyon
While doing some DIY repairs to my Mercedes SL55 AMG, I messed up. The following day I gave Jake a call and while I was anxious at what this major screwup might set me back. Jake was there to reassure me that we were going to get the work done, at a lesser price than the dealership quoted and with the same, if not better, quality of work. Whew... In addition to doing a fantastic job I was grateful for Jake's flexibility when I had to move the date of the repair back a couple of instances. There is no other shop I will trust will me vehicle going forward besides Euroworx. I am confident they will have my back for anything that comes up in the future. Thank you Jake and Jesse!

Logan Conlon
Jake and his team work harder than anyone else I know to do things the right way. Always quality work. Jake also provides prompt updates about the status of the work being done and is easy to get a hold of if I have questions. I used to get anxious taking my car in to other shops because I was worried about getting taken advantage of, was nervous that unauthorized work would be done, felt like I wasn’t getting the full story and that I would then be stuck with a huge bill with inflated labor and a bunch of bogus fees. But when I bring my car to Euroworx, I can just drop it off and forget about it! No concerns whatsoever! It’s a huge relief knowing I have a trustworthy mechanic to go to with whatever I need. This is just one of the reasons I drive more than 30 miles to bring my car to Euroworx, and will continue to do so for as long as possible.

Alexandra Dietrich
Jake is great! He has serviced 5 BMWs (a couple modded) and a Mini Cooper for our family over the ten+ years we have worked with him. He is thoughtful, thorough, and sensitive to your particular needs, whether it be cost, performance, reliability, etc. He is extremely personable and knowledgeable.

Jeff Cameron
I recommend all friends and family to Euroworx. I've had both diagnosis/repair and routine maintenance handled here and in every instance the work is done well, on-time, and very affordably. 10/10 service.

Ryan Murphy
This spring I had a major mechanical issue with the timing chain on my BMW 328. I was referred to Jake and his team. He did an outstanding job, was timely, and stayed within quote. I refuse to see anyone else for the care of my BMW. Jake is very professional, extremely knowledgeable in all euros, and has built a solid reputation. 100% recommend.

Jeffrey Smith
Jake and his crew are great Jake takes good care of our vehicles and has reasonable prices. I highly recommend his services, esp. If you have a BMW.

Cheyenne King
An incredible experience with Jake and team @Euroworx. We have a nice higher mileage Mercedes ML320 diesel, that needed a tough oil cooler gasket replacement completed. A perfect job was more leaks!

Steve and Anne Hurlburt
I'm very grateful to have found Jacob. He's a genuine guy and really knowledgeable. His expertise is German cars (worked at Twin Cities BMW and Audi dealerships for many years). My 12 year old car needed an overall check-up prior to winter storage. Jacob spent half a day looking through it and found a minor leak on the Vanos (common on S54). He also showed me evidence that certain maintenance tasks were not done by dealership during Inspection II. Like many people who care about their cars, the local dealership service departments are not a place for peace of mind. I will be taking my cars to Euroworx Automotive Specialist in the foreseeable future and highly recommend Jacob to anyone needing car repairs south of the river.

Don McKinney
Jake and his team go above and beyond to help their customers! I would definitely recommend them!!

Eddie Shimota


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