Minneapolis BMW Repair & Maintenance Service in Minnesota

Searching for Minneapolis BMW auto repair shops? If you need BMW repair or maintenance services in Minnesota, Euroworx is the company to call. We specialize in European cars like BMWs, and all of our technicians are highly knowledgeable, with 55+ years of collective experience. Whether you need your engine repaired or you’re just coming in for a regular vehicle check, you can trust us to get the job done right the first time. Contact us today for BMW auto repair services in New Prague, Minnesota.

Maintenance Service & BMW Auto Repair in Minnesota

BMWs are German-made luxury vehicles, and they use special parts that you just won’t find in American cars. They use special oils, oil filters, and more. Because of this, it’s important to find a repair and maintenance company that specializes in BMWs so they give you the parts that you need and can properly diagnose any issues that are going on.

What Does BMW Repair in Minneapolis, Minnesota Entail?

At Euroworx, we have a three-step process that we stick by for BMW maintenance and repair in Minnesota. These include the initial test drive, vehicle health check, and making an estimate:

1. Initial Test Drive

For the initial test drive, we always drive the BMW around to confirm the customer’s complaints. If a customer has a tire vibration, brake squeal, or any other issue, we’ll be able to hear it ourselves to understand what’s going on. From there, we can go in and find the problem.

2. Vehicle Health Check

After that, the technician will bring the vehicle into the bay and do a health check on the vehicle. They will check out the part causing the complaint and investigate potential root causes. If we can’t get to the heart of the issue, you’ll just have to return after repairs. We avoid this so you can leave with a fully repaired vehicle without facing consequential, dangerous issues down the line.

3. Making an Estimate

Once we figure out what’s going on, we make an estimate to see what the repair is going to cost. We send this figure to the service advisor, who will inform the customer.

What Happens if You Don’t Hire the Right Minneapolis BMW Repair Company?

There are a lot of factors in the maintenance of a BMW that people don’t know. unfortunately. They typically think, “An oil change is just an oil change,” when in reality, it’s not. BMW car repairs are very specific. Here are a few examples:

Oil Filter O-Ring

If you don’t use the right oil filter, you will have issues. Typical after-market filters used on BMWs will usually leak from the oil filter housing cap because the O-ring isn’t the correct size. You wouldn’t think this small difference would be a big deal, but it is. You can see oil pressure issues with the wrong filters. If you drive a BMW with the wrong filter to the oil change interval, the filter will collapse inside the oil filter housing. Shreds of that filter go into the oil galleys, causing it to clog. It will also clog other things, such as the valve timing (called Vanos in BMWs) and the valve lift (Valvetronic).

Oil Filter Housing Gasket

If you bring your BMW in and you need an oil filter housing gasket (a common repair in BMWs), you’ll have all kinds of problems if the repair shop doesn’t know what they’re doing. They’ll need to bleed the cooling system and prime the oil — not doing this can cause detrimental damage. The cooling system on some BMWs uses electronic cooling pumps that run off of a LIN bus system. Not every technician knows how to bleed these cooling systems because they’re not trained in it. If they don’t, though, there is an overheating concern.

Aluminum Bolts

Something as simple as an aluminum bolt on a BMW is very common. If you don’t get new aluminum bolts, you could have bolts breaking off in the engine. Not all technicians know this, so they might use the old bolts. Customers won’t know they did this until it’s too late and they start having engine problems.

The best way to avoid these issues and more with your vehicle is to choose the right BMW repair and maintenance company the first time. Contact Euroworx today to get started.

Why Choose Euroworx?

We are the best BMW repair company in Minnesota. Our talent here is much different than our competitors. Typically most other shops get technicians with only 3-5 years of experience. As a company, we only hire people with 10+ years and they have to be Master Certified in the manufacturer they specialize in. Without these qualifications, we don’t consider them at all. When you choose Euroworx, you can trust that your vehicle will be seen only by experts so you can drive with confidence. If you need BMW maintenance and repair in Minnesota, contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can tell when your next check is due through your vehicle status in the iDrive menu. If your BMW doesn’t have iDrive, you should see a red service light on your dashboard.
Because of how widely the prices vary between different BMW repair and maintenance jobs, we can’t give you a definitive answer for your situation. When you bring your BMW into the shop, we’ll always do a detailed check of the vehicle and give you an estimate.
The best way to extend the lifespan of a BMW is to take it in for regular maintenance checks at a repair shop with specialized training in BMWs. Preventative maintenance is key for BMW’s longevity because we can catch minor issues before they escalate into larger ones like engine failure.
The “LIN” in LIN bus stands for “Local Interconnect Network.” A LIN bus system is essentially the communication system in the vehicle that makes sure all the parts function as expected. For example, when you push a button to roll down the window, the LIN bus sends the command so the window rolls down.
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Manufacturer trained and specialized in European automotive repair. Certified, top-techs take care of your investment.
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Don't panic when your "Check Engine Light" comes on, we are able to diagnose and repair!
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We'll pick up your vehicle and drop it off when we're done.
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We also offer same-day towing services with fair and transparent pricing.
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Electronic diagnostics for these highly advanced and complicated vehicles takes special training and experience.​ Euroworx has that.
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We offer manufacturer required tires for your specific luxury vehicle.
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The correct tires also need the correct suspension to keep the tires on the road. To have optimum performance, let Euroworx keep your suspension tight and tuned.
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European cars have complex engines with input/output sensors and timing. Having an expert with the knowledge and special tools is critical.
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Catastrophic mechanical failures will happen if you don't keep your routine maintenance up to date. Our experts know exactly what your car needs to be healthy and have maximum longevity.
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Vehicles of this caliber have special transmissions with multiple fluids, clutches and more. An unexperienced automotive technician can cause serious damage.
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