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How Often Should I Service My BMW?

BMW-Service My BMW

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What Are Condition Based Services?

As the name suggests, condition based services tell you when to service your BMW vehicle based on its condition. BMW vehicles automatically monitor the different parts to check for any wear and tear. They can also monitor fuel levels like your engine oil and brake fluid, as well as calculate when you should have your car checked or inspected. Where Does the CBS Data Appear?

Where Does the CBS Data Appear?

The iDrive system comes standard with modern BMWs, so you can navigate to the CBS data there. In particular, you’re looking for the vehicle status. It will list some potential problem areas, like rear brake pads. If it has a green OK next to it, that means there is no service required. If it has a red triangle next to it, that means you should service it as soon as possible. Click on the specific problem area, and it will tell you the due date for when to service your vehicle.

How to Know When To Check the iDrive Menu

There should be an icon that shows up on your dashboard indicating that the vehicle needs service. From this, you’ll know to check the iDrive menu to see more details about it.

What Issues Are Included in the CBS Data?

The iDrive menu monitors a few different issues that may require your BMW to be serviced, including:

  • Engine oil: The engine oil is what lubricates all the different moving parts of the engine. Without it, there would be too much friction, causing the components to heat up and wear down faster. Engine oil can become contaminated and lose its effectiveness over time, which is why it needs to be replaced at regular intervals.
  • Brake fluid: Brake fluid transfers force from the brake pedal to the brake pads, which allows you to stop your car. Over time, brake fluid absorbs moisture that causes it to work less effectively, so it needs to be replaced.
  • Vehicle check: A vehicle check is an examination of your BMW. This is where a technician takes a look at your vehicle inside and out to identify if there are any issues. Needing a vehicle check doesn’t necessarily mean your BMW has a problem. It’s a type of preventative maintenance that can prevent small issues from escalating into larger ones.
  • Rear brake pads: The rear brake pads clamp down onto the brake rotors, creating friction that allows your vehicle to stop.
  • Front brake pads: The front brake pads fulfill the same function as the rear brake pads, but they typically do more work when it comes to actually stopping your vehicle. Because of this, they tend to wear down faster.
  • Vehicle inspection: Much like a vehicle check, this is where a technician examines your vehicle. Inspections are done less frequently than checks, and they are more detailed.

BMW Services

BMW Servicing

BMW Front Brake Pads

No matter what issues your CBS data shows, you should always take your BMW to an experienced BMW repair company like Euroworx. We have many customer reviews from satisfied BMW owners.

BMW having preventive maintenance
The lever attached to the steering wheel has up and down toggle buttons. Go down to the car icon with the section symbol (§). If this is red, that means you need to service your BMW.

Where Should I Service My BMW?

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