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How Much Does BMW Maintenance Cost?

BMW Maintenance Cost

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One of the most common questions we get from BMW owners is, “How much does BMW maintenance cost?” In this blog post, we’ll look closer at maintenance costs and how they compare to other vehicles.

Factors Contributing to BMW Maintenance Costs

While we would love to give you a definitive answer on BMW maintenance costs, unfortunately the answer is not so simple. Many factors affect the price of BMW maintenance, including:


As with any vehicle, the age of your BMW will affect its maintenance needs. Older vehicles will generally need more maintenance than newer ones, especially if they have a high mileage.

BMW Model

While BMW is considered a reputable brand, some BMW models are known to have more issues than others. According to Car Complaints, the 2013 X3, 2011 X5, 2013 X5, 2007 335i, and the 2007 328 are considered the worst models. BMW X5s have the most complaints, while 2013 is considered the worst model year for BMWs. For all of these, the most common problems were with the engine.

Why Are BMW Maintenance Costs More Expensive Than Other Vehicles?

BMW maintenance costs more than your average Chevy, Ford, or Toyota repair. We have to use specific oils, filters, and other parts for these vehicles to ensure that they run correctly and have the longevity BMWs are known for. The labor also costs more, which contributes to the higher overall price. Let’s look at what leads to higher maintenance costs.

1. Different Types of Oils

BMWs use a different kind of oil than most vehicles. In particular, they require oils with LL-01 specifications if it’s a gas engine, or LL-04 if it’s a diesel engine. LL, or “long life” oils are specifically designed for BMW vehicles and give better fuel efficiency while reducing car emissions. Something important to note about them is that they are synthetic oils. This is different from conventional oil because it provides a better level of lubrication. If you try to put conventional oil into it, the oil may break down faster than usual, causing flow issues and even sludge buildup in some cases. Your engine will also wear down faster.

2. More Expensive Parts

In general, BMW parts are more expensive than an average vehicle. Part of this comes from the brand’s reputation. BMWs are considered luxury vehicles, so the parts used are priced to match this expectation. The company also invests heavily in research and development for the technology used in their vehicles. In 2020, the company issued a press release where they made plans to sink over 30 billion euros ($31,782,750,000) into research and development up through 2025. The more technologically advanced their parts become, the higher the prices.

3. Higher Labor Costs

Because BMWs are different from American-made cars, it can be difficult to find technicians who have experience working with them. As mentioned, BMWs are also very technologically advanced, so the specialized knowledge a BMW technician has is highly valuable. Because of this, most BMW repair and maintenance companies have higher prices than standard repair shops.

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Why Cheap BMW Maintenance Isn’t a Good Thing

Price is understandably a factor when choosing a BMW maintenance company. Still, it should be noted that going with the cheapest option is typically a bad idea. As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for,” and in our industry, that is 100% true. You don’t want anyone working on a BMW that doesn’t know what they’re doing, and the prices often reflect the amount of expertise BMW technicians have.

The Euroworx Difference

BMW Maintenance

When it comes to us at Euroworx, you get what you pay for in the shop. We ensure that if you pay for a repair, it will be done correctly. We want you to be able to enjoy your vehicle after getting a repair, not have to come back and fix additional problems that we didn’t solve. If you need your BMW repaired or you have questions about BMW maintenance costs, contact us today.

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