Chris Rausch Headshot Team



97% Mechanical Acuity
Hard Worker
Quick Learner


Hello, my name is Chris Rausch and although I am 16 and going into my Junior year of high school, I work for the best auto shop in the state.


I have been obsessed with anything that has wheels or a motor ever since I can remember. Surprisingly, during a personality profile, it was discovered that I was in the 97th percentile for Mechanical Acuity. I was born to be a mechanic!

The owner Jake De St. Hubert saw my potential and gave me an incredible opportunity. He brought me into mentor! Jake, John, and the other staff are patient and knowledgeable teachers who carefully watch over me to hone my skills and guide me so that I can become a Master Technician one day in the future.

I am grateful to work at a company that is so honest and focused on quality. I think the best part about Legacy is how well they treat their customers and employees.

Stay tuned! I’m on my way up!